What is BZ?

BZ is the perfect one-stop-shop for SMEs regarding information technologies and telecommunications, since 2001. Benefit from the advice of a passionate and experienced team that will guide you according to your needs.

What makes us different from others? Our team is friendly and we provide tailored professional services. Also, we promise you that our clients are not held captive. You are free to go whenever you want, if you feel like our services don't suit your company's needs anymore.

Our greatest strenght is the privileged, long-term relationship that we build with our clients. From the moment you contact BZ, you are accompanied throughout the whole process, as we provide you with a solution that will fulfill all of your needs. We love to help our clients, and it definitely shows in our attitude.

We offer several options to our customers such as: full monthly service, hybrid formula, or even hourly rate. All our services are offered 24/7 so we are reachable at any time.

Our mission


Founded almost 20 years ago with the vision that an SME must absolutely be able to take advantage of the same level of technological development as a large company, BZ offers IT solutions while supporting its clients in achieving their objectives. Through a dedicated service, our company values ​​listening, transparency, availability and innovation.

Over the next few years, BZ intends to act as a excellence generator for SMEs by maximizing the contribution of technology and making profitable investments and efforts.


BZ started out as two friends who went for the unknown: the technical support world. Their mindset was to surround themselves with the best people in the field and to bring an enjoyable and pleasant touch to the IT world. They still have that spark. The mindset remains the same and it shows in the BZ's personality and values.

The company now hires more than 40 employees. Whether you are a client, an employee or a supplier, BZ will always treat you as a human being. Having a good relationship with everybody who contribute to the company's success is more important than any dollar sign. This is one of the reasons why BZ is greatly valued by everybody who came across its path. When you commit to BZ, it is for the long haul, and truly for the better!

In 2010, the company improved its service offering and launched its programming and its telecommunications departments. The growing business then became a one-stop-shop that could fulfill all its clients' needs, so that they would not have to look for multiple service suppliers.

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