Exclusive BZ channel for telecommuting (COVID-19)

BZ announces the creation of an exclusive channel for all SME wishing to offer telecommuting for their employees .

This difficult period demonstrates to what extent technology can help avoid the worst:

  • Telecommuting and access to databases.
  • Teamwork and collaboration tools
  • Communication with customers and partners like if you were at the office

Established almost 20 years ago with the vision that a SME must have the same level of technological evolution as a big business, BZ offers IT solutions that allows it's customers to maintain a level of performance that can facilitate the operations in a crisis like the current one

Our services are 100% opérationnals and team of specialist is available to help you in this exact moment.

Find out about our cloud services (private or public), our collaboration tools and our IP telephony offer. To do this, you can contact a member of our team at the exclusive email address [email protected]

L’équipe BZ


Dear customers,

Always taking the concerns and satisfaction of its customers to heart, BZ now offers you to use a new communication platform to send us your comments. Whether it is to make known your dissatisfaction on a particular case or to let us know a good move, your opinion matters.

The stated objective of this approach: to improve the quality of the service we offer to you .

Thanks again for your trust!

BZ direction

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The best of information technology and communication, enhancing your performance.

BZ earns the trust of Quebec City's SMEs since 2001.

Our consulting service, as well as our technical and outsourcing integrated solutions, takes your business at a whole new performance level.

Enjoy the best of technology without having to think about it.

BZ offres a range of products and services to furfill all your IT needs.


The best of information technology and communications, enhancing your performance.

BZ is a multidisciplinary team of many motivated technicians and support staff, all glad to contribute to your success.

Our team is fuelled by inventiveness and by exchanging ideas in order to develop the most efficient IT solutions to fulfill the SMEs' needs.


Our approach: listening to the users in order to identify their real needs and proposing IT solutions which fulfill the company's expectations and which respect its reality.


We build trusting relationships and keep written records of every intervention in order to preserve the computer memory of our client's businesses.


Because computing should never delay operations, we offer reliable solutions and a fast, efficient service.

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All of the communication services and information technologies for SMEs.

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Superior quality service and optimal speed of response in case of any issue.

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